Porter's Venetian Glaze is a water-based high gloss glaze that brings life, depth and translucency to surfaces.

Porter's Venetian Glaze is similar to traditional oil-based scumble glazes, but being water based, there are no dangerous fumes, no lingering odours.

The high-gloss finish and two-toned broken colour effect are perfect for high traffic areas.

Product Specifications & Safety

For more detailed information about this product, please consult the main Porter's Paints website.

Our Product Specifications include:

  • Environmental information
  • Suitable locations and suggested use
  • Preparation, application and coverage rates
  • Warranty and safety
  • Storage and maintenance
  • Water-based with superior finish
  • Handmade from the finest raw materials
  • Australian Made
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  • 2Quantity & Size
  • 3Review your Order
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